Report A Player (Format)

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Report A Player (Format)

Post by [GU]Mr.Awesome on Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:34 pm


This is where you should report any malicious players if /report yields no response ingame, or admins who abuse their commands.

Please create a new thread with this format:
Give it a relevant title. Threads named 'OMG HELP' will be closed and ignored.

We request you to put the name(s) of the rulebreaker(s) in the title, so if the reported person is active in the forums he's more likely to find out a report's been made about him, and so the report of a certain person can easily be looked up by the reported person himself or by admins for handling ban appeals.

ATTN: Screenshots or videos are REQUIRED for every report. If you fail to provide valid evidence, your report will be ignored.

Making fake 'proof' of someone hacking will be discovered and will be punished with a ban.

Player Report Format:
Name of rulebreaker:
Date of incident:
Short explanation of events:

New rule: When reporting mutiple players, do not create multiple topics. Report them in the same thread as each other, as it creates spam within the complaint board.


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