GU Tag Requirements

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GU Tag Requirements

Post by [GU]Mr.Awesome on Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:41 am

Hello! This is the requirements for applying an GU Tag:

- Having at least 5 supports provided by administrators (level 1+) (Regular [UG] members may longer vote)
- Abide by ALL the Community rules, no exceptions.
- Having at least 20000 scores in game or above of it.
- Registered at least 1 Month ago in our community.
- Your [UG] Tag Application should have a minimum of 100-125 words.
- If your tag was revoked in the past, you may appeal for it again after two weeks.
- If your tag got revoked more than once, you 'll no longer be able to get it back.
- If your apply got denied, you may re-apply after 2 weeks.

Reasons why your application may be immediately denied:

- Reached the maximum of 5 against from admins or players.
- Got banned or temporary banned while your application is still running.
- If your [UG] Tag Application has less than 100 Words.
- Provoking or insulting users.
- Asking/begging for supports to the admins/players.
- Arguing with an admin about his against.
- Breaking any of the community rules, no matter how small the infraction may be.
- Making another application after getting the previous denied, without waiting for the re-apply duration limit of 2 weeks.


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